Join the Club and buy the vest! We wear the Royal Blue vest at  Cross-country, road & multi-terrain Championship events or Technical T-shirt at all local events. For Track & Field competition with Yeovil Olympiads we wear the Orange vest - that vest is available direct from YOAC.



CONTACT GRAHAM GOLDSMID for all Kit - if you are a paid up member of the Harriers these items are very often subsidised - another good reason to be a paid up member! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Vests & Hoodies are sometimes available at Schoolwear, 23 Broad St Wells, but phone them first to avoid a wasted journey - and other kit inc vests etc from your Kit Managers - see below.


Please pay by cheque Wells City Harriers and send direct to kit managers so that they can proceed with your order.


New kit including training jacket, technical top and beanie- click here!
(These available from kit manager - allow 2  or 3 weeks)


Wearing Club kit – particularly the vest – is required for all team events where we compete as a team. This is especially true when we compete at cross-country, road or fell running events where we are hoping to win a team prize.  In the autumn & winter months the Yeovil Olympiads that compete as part of our combined team will wear our Royal Blue and Yellow Harrier vest.  In summer at Track & field we will wear their Orange Yeovil vest.


Given that we attract members from near and far, and provide many and varied training sessions across the week, wearing the vest is a good way to meet fellow Harriers at the races.  Even when running at a small event somewhere you may come across someone else wearing the Royal Blue and Yellow, and straight away you’ve got a team-mate.


Wear your vest and help promote the Club.  Buy from your Kitmanagers see below


In all sizes available by mail order and, by arrangement directly with kit manager, at a training session, or direct from National Schoolwear in Wells.

Male & Female versions available for sizes S, M, L, XS otherwise unisex

Kit manager can bring a junior vest to Monday or Tuesday training if you have requested it at least 48 hours in advance.

XXXS age 8-9


from kit manager: Juniors: £10 ;

(or £12 inc by post).

From Schoolwear  shop price tbc

XXS age 10-11

XS   age 12-13

S  age 14 upwards

Adults: £15

(or £17 inc by post)

S, M, L & XL     Adults


Please enquire if you want to purchase 

S, M, L



Please enquire if you want to purchase

In all sizes



Royal Blue.  By special order - min 2 week delivery time
also  may be available from the Schoolwear Centre, 23 Broad St, Wells (map)
01749 670000                  

In all sizes

£15.50 for Junior

£18 for Adult




Training Jacket: Royal & Yellow flash on arm (see click here above)

XS,S, M & L

 Training jacket £20 (if available)


Usual sizes - £10 or £15 (Flourescent yellow or royal blue)

XS,S, M , L 

 £10- £15

 £10 juniors (XS)


 Please enquire if you want to purchase   £6

Please let the Kit Manager know if you want some other kit so that we can consider buying in some stock.


Please buy direct from the Club contact if possible to save the club money


Please make cheques payable to Wells City Harriers.