There are great competition opportunities for all ages from 9 or 10 upwards. Read on for all you need to know.


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Track & field training continues throughout the year (dependent on weather) at our Monday evening training sessions....
Track & Field Competition for juniors
Start planning your season! Ask a coach if you need more info
We have been coaching track & field and supporting athletes of all ages in T&F competition since 1989. We partnered with Yeovil Olympiads in 2001 so as to develop a stronger single team for regional and national level competitions. As a consequence many of our juniors have excelled as track athletes, some gaining representative honours and others getting into the top 20 national rankings. All of our coaches are volunteers.
Full Calendar of formal competition dates will be available from the Yeovil Olympiad AC site from March of each year
We will also have 4 low key competition evenings at Millfield track during Spring & Summer terms as part of our junior Monday training programme. These help the athlete get ready for the more serious League & Championship competition! It also gives parents the chance to learn how to help officiate.
Format: register at 5.50pm and pin number to front; All athletes encouraged to compete in short sprint (by age groups) and then choose 2 of the following: Long Jump; Throw; Middle distance; Longer sprint (distances dependent upon age groups) Parents will need to volunteer to help as officials.
We compete with/as Yeovil Olympiads in the summer Club Track & Field season.
There are opportunities for those aged 11 and upwards at the:

South West League Division One- 4 League fixtures & 1 Cup fixture.  ALL IN EXETER in 2017. Dates on the YOAC calendar & Harrier website


WE EXPECT our Monday juniors to compete at least once a month: make yourself known to the team manager and be prepared to try 1 or 2 events each meeting.
Taunton AC, Cornwall AC and the combined Yeovil & Wells team are the strongest teams in the League. Contact team managers at the beginning of the season to say when you are available and which events are your best events - but be prepared to 'fill in' if called upon. Arrange to go either together with the YOAC contingent from Yeovil or to lift-share with other parents
For older juniors (age15-19)
UK Youth Development Athletes League– 3 fixtures for u17s/u20s - dates on YOAC calendar


Any updates will be on the Yeovil website
Through the Somerset School’s Athletic Association there are always opportunities to compete at Area T&F Championships and then the Somerset Schools, then the SW Schools and if you are good enough at the English Schools T&F Championships. See key dates on the County Schools website
KEY DATES FOR YOUR DIARY (these dates from last year)
1st Sunday in April  (2nd April 2017) at Yeovil Arena : YEOVIL Open Track & field event to start your season off. For all aged 9 or 10 upwards.More details available on the YOAC website & discuss with Harrier coaches which events you will train for and enter
The day before, on the Saturday (1st April 2017) is the Hurdles & steeplechase & heavy throws open competion
League Track Team competitions: 
The team selected for each fixture will be based on availability & ability as 'slots' per event are limited for each age group. Check the League website. Consult coaches & managers and advise them of your availability across the season asap. A successful team is well organised and if parents/athletes leave it to the last minute the Club will fail.
Championship matches often require athletes to enter at least 1 or 2 weeks before the date of competition.
early May Bank Holiday Monday (1st May 2017) BMC (British Milers Club) junior middle distance evening at Millfield. The Harriers traditionally support this event which attracts high quality middle distance runners from across the region. This is the evening for attempting a new personal best. It works like this: Enter on line a week ahead with date of birth and previous best at 800m or 1500m. You will then be seeded in a race with other juniors with similar times and there will be a pace-maker who will try and help as many as possible to better their previous best. Full details on
look at last year's results to see if you can achieve a suitable standard or just talk to a coach if uncertain
mid May Somerset County AA Track & Field Championships at Yeovil Arena. Take your pick from all of the events. Closing date will be 10 days or so before hand. Details will be on the County website at
Every one should start off by going with their school to the Area schools Championships - there are 4 school 'areas' in Somerset. tTe dates for these vary from year to year but make sure you know when they are happening by asking your PE teacher(s)
May  Taunton area Schools Championships
May  Mendip area Schools
May Sedgemoor area Schools
May   Yeovil Area School
(Entry for all these via your schools Years 9 upwards)
Each area selects an Area schools team to go on to the County schools event. Those who do well at County Schools level will then be selected for SW Schools & for English Schools Finals. This is a very prestigious event to be selected for.
Team Managers for the joint Yeovil & Wells team

Al Thorner (Monday) & Simon Prior (Tuesday) will be the Harrier coaches who may be best informed about other competitons coming up. If you are particularly good at particular event(s) you may have to go further afield for good competition opportunities.

  • The South West League is the only League solely for clubs from the South West.
  • There used to be two divisions with 8 clubs in Div 1 and 9 in Div 2 covering the counties of Cornwall , Devon , Somerset , Dorset , Wiltshire. in 2017 due to some Div 2 Clubs folding then all teams will be in the single league. 
  • There are just four Sunday meets each year, held between late April and early September; and 1 Cup Meet usually held in the middle.
  • The venue for all fixtures in 2017 is likely to be Exeter
  • The league caters for male and female athletes in the following age groups: U13, U15: U17; U20(men only) and Senior Men & Women.
  • The events on offer for each age group change slightly from the A and B programmes which are alternated between fixtures.
  • Two athletes compete in each event for each age group – A and B string plus up to 2 guests are allowed per event.  U17W and U20M only A string.
  • Points are scored in the A string as follows: 13 for a win, 12 for second, 11 for third etc.  B string is 12 for a win, 11 for second etc.  No points for guests. 
  • NOTE: If an A string athlete has to withdraw for any reason, the B string competitor must move up to take his/her place in order to score. ie. the B string performance will only count if an A string has also competed.
  • Teams are also awarded extra points for providing the required number of qualified officials, and are expected to officiate events as per a programme. Results are calculated per age group but it is the overall total which counts.  Cups are awarded to the winning age group/club on an annual basis 
  • Dates of fixtures are advertised from March at training and on the web site.  The Yeovil Olympiads website should carry the latest info but all made available to us at Wells Harriers will also go on the Harrier website.
  • Coaches at the Harriers Monday session will remind juniors in the run up to each fixture, and athletes will be encouraged to make themseves available and to contact team managers 
  • All athletes who are old enough to compete are encouraged to do so, either as scoring athletes or guests.  The League is the perfect opportunity for beginners to compete for the first time. 
  • Athletes are asked for confirmation of their availability and various phone calls/e-mails are made by the team managers to chase up athletes in the week before the competition. 
  • Team managers then select events for athletes – sometimes this has to be changed on the day because of last minute withdrawals. 
  • Depending upon the venue and numbers we also try to help out with transport, arrange lifts. YOAC often put a coach or minibus on if needed.
  • On the day all  aim to get to the venue 45 minutes before the first event .
  • Letters and pins are given out on the day. Generally Y is for A string, YY for B string. Guests wear numbers; but note some variation in numbering where U20's compete with Seniors.
  • The club has to provide a number of officials for different events throughout the day and once a year Yeovil host a fixture which means we need even more helpers from amongst parents.
THE ROLE OF THE ATHLETE with the help of their PARENTS
  • To make a commitment to compete for the club in all team fixtures where possible.- at least ONCE PER MONTH
  • To contact the team manager for your age group to confirm your availability for selection at least one week before the competition. PLEASE REMEMBER IT’S JUST ONE PHONE CALL/E-Mail FOR YOU TO MAKE BUT SEVERAL FOR THE TEAM MANAGER – TRY TO CONTACT the manager before they have to contact you.
  • To show a willingness to compete in events other than your best or favourite
  • Sometimes we might have four athletes all wanting to run the 100 metres in the same age group. The manager's  job is to put out the strongest team and with only two scoring places available per event you may be asked to do a different event or stand in at the last minute if someone injures themselves on the day.
  • To turn up to the competition and to your events in good time, and stay to the end of the competition for the RELAYS.

PARENTS: to support your yongster you should be willing to take them to an event; ensure they have all kit with them and som efood & drink; and be prepared to help officiate if called upon. All the coaches & officials at the events are volunteers - none are paid. To qualify as an official you should consider this information here. No officials means the end of the sport as we know it.