Henry Sage is a keen ultra runner and is one of the team involved in the organisation of the Street 5K series.

Henry Sage

Henry Sage

Interview - November 2023


When did you start running/what got you into running?
I have always enjoyed spending time outside in the countryside exploring Britain's mountain and coastal areas. Running is a great way to do that, while keeping in shape and testing my limits.

How long have you been a member for?
I joined the Wells City Harriers in 2019.

Henry with Gwent League Seniors

Henry with part of the senior men’s team in the Gwent League - Port Talbot February 2023

What runs do you enjoy the best?
I like long trail runs with lots of hills and spectacular views.

Where is the best place you have run?
We are spoiled for choice in the UK, I can’t decide between the Exmoor coastline or Glen Coe in the Scottish highlands.

Do you/did you participate in any other sports?
I was a swimmer at school, then got involved in rowing when I lived in the Thames valley in my early twenties. Now I spend most of my time running or cycling.

You have taken part in lots of ultra distance races. How do you prepare for these?
I don’t think I have ever felt well prepared for any race. However, when running a long distance race I am almost guaranteed to ask myself “why am I doing this?” at some point. I make sure that I prepare a convincing answer to that question. I also like to review the route ahead of time so that I have a rough idea of what’s coming.

What is your greatest running achievement?
I completed a 110 mile race along the South West coast path in October. It started in Hartland Quay and finished in Minehead.

Henry Sage

Henry in the North Coast 110 - October 2023

You are in your second year organising the Street 5K. What's it like being involved with such a well established race in the area?
It’s great to be able to give something back to the club and local community. There was quite a lot to figure out when Stephen and I first started organising the races, but it is worth it to watch others succeed.

Why Wells City Harriers?
My running performance has improved enormously since joining the club. It has also given me the opportunity to meet lots of other like minded people who never fail to motivate and inspire me.

Henry Sage

Henry finishing the Rab Helvellyn Sky Ultra - July 2023

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